English Bookshop Brussels photo by flickr DamienHR.

Order English books with free delivery in Brussels.

If you are not in a rush, English books can be delivered free to your door of office. Most of the time the books in a shop in Brussels are more expensive compared to an online order, including delivery costs.  If you order more than three books, expect savings in the order of of 30-40%.  Also, if you look for rare books which are not in stock, an online order is most likely your preferred option. Our partner website  amazon has millions of English books in stock. When ordering through that link above, we receive a little commission. But for standard books and to support your local economy, you can also order many books on the Waterstones website for click and collect in the Brussels branch of Waterstones.

Disclaimer: We receive a small commission for amazon orders made through our website, which helps us to promote authors writing about Brussels and the idea of cheaper English books for Brussels.