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Order English books with free delivery in Brussels.

If you are not in a rush, English books can be delivered free to your door of office. Most of the time the books in a shop in Brussels 20-60 % more expensive compared to an online order, including delivery costs.  If you order more than three books, expect savings in the order of of 30-60%.  Also, if you look for rare books which are not in stock, an online order is most likely your preferred option. Our partner website has Book depository 2.5 Mio English books in stock.

You think we are exaggerating? For every new book you find cheaper in a local Brussels English bookstore than at the Book depository, we give you a free mp3 city audio guide of Brussels made by our friends from iAudioguide.com (regular price 4.95 €). Just write the book name, the local price, and the book depository price on the wall of our English Bookshop Brussels facebook page. And every week, starting on Monday morning,  the first two to confirm on our wall that they did not find anything cheaper in a local Brussels bookshop get an audio guide, too.

Online English Bookshops for Brussels

For an order of one or two books, and for a value of less than 25 € we strongly recommend the Book depository. For one or two books, they beat amazon in price, as they do not charge for delivery to Brussels. For larger orders, amazon is the best choice. If you use use this amazon link,  you will get free delivery to Brussels and the rest of Belgium for orders above ~30 €. (The book depository  does offer free delivery even for one English book ordered and books are normally sent as letter in envelopes. So they should fit in your letterbox, and you do not have to queue at the post office to get your parcel.)

Disclaimer: We receive a small commission for orders made through our website, which helps us to promote authors writing about Brussels and the idea of cheaper English books for Brussels.

The English Bookstore in Brussels – find English books in Brussels

English-bookshop.be is there to show you how, where and when to get your books in retail stores and how to find the best deals for online orders of English books with free delivery in Belgium. Yes, most of the time, the local English bookshops  are 20% – 60% more expensive than our recommended online shop for English books. But we are pretty sure that normally you save money (and hassle) by ordering your English books in Brussels online. Free delivery to your letter box in Brussels! Click here to see the 2.5 Mio English books to be delivered to your letterbox within a few days.

If you like to see books before buying, or you are in a rush, here are the opening hours, addresses etc. of Waterstones Brussels, Sterling Books, FNAC and a very nice travel bookshop in Brussels.

But don’t forget to compare online book shops. The retail bookstores, especially in Brussels, are almost always more expensive than online shops.

We have also collected some information for English bookshop Gent and English bookstore Antwerpen.